• 70.00 Bike tour Golf experience

    Golf experience

    Come along on a bike tour with an experienced guide that will tell you all about vilamoura resort and its five award-winning golf courses. Find out where to go and what to do, the best spots to eat and drink and also the future projects for this beautiful resort. If you never played golf before don´t miss the chance to have your first experience on one of the courses awarded as Europe´s Best Golf Destination in  2017, 2018 and 2019 and 2020’s Best Golf Destination in the World.

  • 55.00 seafood and wine bike tour

    Seafood & Wine

    Taste the amazing and fresh seafood from the Algarve coast on a local and cozy restaurant in Quarteira. Served with green wine this meal will bring you the best of

  • 35.00 Vilamoura Marina

    Food & fun Vilamoura – Quarteira

    A tour dedicated to know the top places to eat, drink and enjoy some nice moments. It’s all about fun on this special route where you’ll discover the best spots

  • 35.00 go into nature tour

    Go into nature

    Explore the Vilamoura resort and surrounding areas mainly on off-road tracks and discover some of the most beautiful landscapes in the region.
    If you’re a nature lover, this is the

  • 55.00 grilled fish bike tour

    Grilled Fish & Wine experience

    Everybody says there’s something different about our grilled fish. Find out why this became of the Algarve’s main highlights. Served on the picturesque environment of the fishing port. Included: Grilled

  • 45.00 healthy food bike tour

    Healthy & Tasty experience

    Looking for a vegetarian or vegan meal? Or just worried to get a healthy menu? Join us on a secret spot with a lovely sea front deck after a tranquil

  • 95.00 Horse Riding

    Horse riding experience with Pure Lusitano Portuguese horses

    What’s even better than riding a bike? Having a chance to ride one of the most special horse breeds in the world, the Portuguese pure Lusitano. Along the beach or

  • 55.00 bike tour padel experience

    Padel (Tennis) experience

    A truly sports day combining a bike tour with a padel game! Come and enjoy a mini-match of this popular sport that is gathering so many fans around the world.

  • 55.00 porto wine bike tour

    Porto Wine tasting experience

    How many varieties of Port wine do you know? Come along and try different types of this world-renowned spirit introduced by a wine specialist after a smooth ride around Vilamoura